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About us

We are the PomPom People!


PomPom Party is Hungary’s only electronic music party series for families.

Any age group can party! We should know: we are veterans of the local party scene at the tail end of our thirties. As responsible parents we are not content with nostalgia, especially that we make a living hosting events. We founded PomPomParty to blow off some steam dancing with those dearest to us, our kids and friends, where music is good and everyone is safe.

It’s an afternoon family fest which does not involve babysitters or hangovers (not that we last that long these days anyway) but where we can still show our children that a good time does not mean childish music.

We invite our favourite electro, techno, acid, jungle, and breakbeat DJ’s, most of them parents of their own right. We have VJ’s, a bubble party, confetti, bright lights, a disco globe and UV lights, and top-notch sound (turned a bit lower). Face painting, UV wash-off tattoo (for parents or kids), chillout space for parents and offspring, play area, babymat… Apple juice, orange juice, grape juice, hops juice. It’s a big deal among the humans of Sydney or London — and now in Budapest.

Dancing together channels stress, helps brain development, creativity and promotes an intimate relationship between parent and child.

PomPom Parties can be organized on festivals and on company family events as well.

More details in our FAQ and our Facebook page.

Party – love – hugs – fun


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Who is PPP for?

Children and their parents, especially for children under 10. Older kids can come too, but we gear the programmes for younger ones. Face painting, molding, pompom making, and other creative arts as well as baby rest and play areas. PomPomCrew will be there to help in anything you need.

Parents are responsible for the children at all times.

Is this a child disco?

No!This is a family party where kids are welcome. Adult music, juvenile mischief. Kids like to dance with us and they like good rhythm. It is time to teach them the difference between techno, disco or drum’n’ base 🙂

Who must buy tickets? Where can I buy them?

Everyone who can walk and dance. Kids sleeping on your back get in free. Just get a free pass for them so we know the precise attendance for safety reasons. You can buy tickets online in advance at the door.

Where can I put the stroller, the roller, the bike?

We have ample safe storage on site.

Where can I change diapers, breastfeed, give them a bite?

We have  a baby corner and a chillout zone where feeding is possible. There is a separate diaper changing room at the washroom, complete with a few basic amenities.

What’s the noise level?

Music is softer than in normal night clubs. It will still be loud but safe for children’s ears, as defined by the WHO, and monitored throughout the party. No need to bring mufflers unless your baby is especially noise sensitive or you’d rather have them sleep to the tunes and the dancing. We have mufflers for rent, and a chillout zone with even softer music.

What will the lights be like?

The dance floor boasts original party lights, a disco globe, UV lights and bright color splashes in a dark setting. Bubble machine, confetti machine and other surprises. The play area is lit normally.

Photo policy

You are free to take pictures and shoot video as you like. By participating you agree that you may appear in PomPomCrew photos and videos created for promotional purposes

Please write to us with further questions at sara@pompomparty.hu or via Facebook. Come join the fun!